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Direct Metal 3D Printing

At Eagle Mold Co., Inc., we are happy to offer direct metal 3D printing, or DMP, which is one of the newest and most advanced manufacturing technologies available. DMP is a rapid manufacturing system based on laser sintering of metal powders and also an additive manufacturing process, often called 3D printing, in which standard metal material can be used to create extremely complex shapes that cannot be produced using traditional machining or casting methods. While plastic 3D printing has been available for a number of years, its usefulness is limited to visual prototypes and plastic component applications. Through the DMP process, customers can receive metal parts that are functional and as strong as any machined part. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and numerous other metal parts can be produced through DMLS.

During the direct metal printing process, the manufacturing chamber is filled with powdered metal in the desired alloy. Parts are manufactured by melting of the thermoset metal/resin alloys using a precision laser beam. The process continues in discrete layers until the part is complete. DMP provides design engineers with unprecedented design freedom, as there are virtually no limitations to the geometries that can be manufactured using this process. This is especially beneficial in fields such as the aerospace industry where strength and weight are of paramount concern, as well as in the medical industry which often requires the manufacturing of very complex shapes that mimic biological forms. Our DMP equipment is capable of manufacturing parts up to 10" in length, 10" in width, and 11.5" in height. See the table below, or contact us directly for additional information about this exciting new process.

Direct Metal Printing
Direct Metal Printing

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Direct Metal 3D Printing Capabilities

General Capabilities
Direct Metal Printing (DMP)
Alloy Steel
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Most Metals
Part Length
Up to 10"
Part Width
Up to 10
Part Height
Up to 11.5"
Complex Shapes
Intricate Designs
Developmental Parts
Additional Services
CNC Machining
Heat Treating
Mold Design & Engineering
Dimensional Inspection
Production Volume
Low Volume
Lead Time
Evaluated on a Job by Job Basis
Expedited Service Available

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Industry Standards
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