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Injection Mold Design & Build of a Holographic Weapon Sight

A holographic weapons sight is a high-tech accessory that provides maximum situational awareness. It must be durably constructed for rugged reliability in extreme conditions, so the quality of each individual component is of paramount importance. When a manufacturer of these weapons sights needed production tooling for the injection molding of one of the plastic parts, they contacted us here at Eagle Mold Co., Inc.

This project required complicated tooling with many moving parts in order to successfully reproduce the component’s geometry. The tooling also needed to accommodate the insert molding of two thin metal electrical contacts through the wall thickness. During the design cycle, our mold engineers took a very detailed look at all of the various aspects of the part, such as shape, material, anticipated lifecycle, and tolerance requirements. Using our powerful software tools and a digital rendering of the part design, they created a computer model of a single-cavity insert mold for analysis.

Using this model and applying the attributes of the specified material, our engineers constructed a virtual representation of the mold and simulated the injection molding process. In addition to validating that the mold would be capable of consistently producing accurate parts, this simulation allowed us to ascertain key process parameters, such as melt temperature and pressure, to optimize production.

Since the manufacturer intended to produce this part in high a volume quantity, the appropriate material of construction for the tooling was hardened tool steel. Inside our facility, we have all different types of machinery and equipment specifically geared towards close tolerance production. Our high performance, 5-axis machining center allowed us to mill many of the fine details, and we executed additional EDM machining and grinding processes to achieve close ±0.0005" tolerances on various dimensional aspects.

When completed, this mold measured 16" in length x 24" in width x 15" in height. We designed it with an SPI C2 finish to allow for easy release of the part from the mold. The timeline from initial concept to delivery of a production ready mold was 14 weeks. Our client was very satisfied with the quality of our deliverable as well as the quality of the finished part.

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Holographic Weapon Sight
Holographic Weapon Sight
Weapon Sight
Weapon Sight

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Holographic Weapon Sight Project Highlights

Overall Mold Dimensions
16" X 24" X 15"
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Hardened Tool Steels
Material Finish

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