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Injection Mold Design & Build of an Automotive Brake Fluid Reservoir

At Eagle Mold Co., Inc., our engineers are at the forefront of plastic injection mold design and manufacturing. By leveraging our extensive experience and utilizing leading-edge software and manufacturing technologies, we design and build injection molds that are reliable, affordable, and easy to maintain. We engineered and constructed the injection mold shown here for the production of an automotive brake fluid reservoir. It featured a complex design with many moving actions, and it represents the type of project you would see in our shop on an everyday basis.

We used cutting-edge software tools to create highly detailed drawings of the mold and then simulate its use under real-world scenarios. By performing an in-depth analysis of the mold design up front, we were able to make improvements and refinements. This ensured that finished parts met the required quality standards at the very first trial run and avoided the risk of delay and additional costs associated with rework.

Tool making requires a very sophisticated skill set developed through years of hard work and experience. At Eagle Mold, we are fortunate to have some of the best mold makers in the business on staff. They have a deep understanding of metallurgy and machining technologies, and know how to use our equipment at its maximum capacity.

For this project, we used a combination of high-speed 5-axis milling, and both wire and sinker EDM process to produce the mold from hardened tool steel. We created optimal setups and carefully chose the best cutting tools to create the fine features with accuracy and precision. In addition, we fine-tuned our EDM procedures to achieve a very high production rate, extremely close tolerances, and a functional surface finish.

When finished and assembled, this mold featured dimensions of 27" in length x 46" in width x 24" in height and was produced to within ±0.0005" tolerances. Its SPI C2 finish allowed for easy release and was an economical choice for an under-the-hood application where aesthetics were not an important aspect. Our client appreciated the superior quality and outstanding performance of this precision-build mold.

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Brake Fluid Reservoir
Brake Fluid Reservoir
Brake Reservoir
Brake Reservoir

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Honda Brake Fluid Reservoir Project Highlights

Overall Mold Dimensions
27" X 46" X 24"
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Hardened tool steels
Material Finish

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